Many Whys


Why 70% of US population are overweight? ~we are consuming excess meat, per person per day US-330 gms,Europe-220 gms,China-160 gms.

Why obesity rate in the US inched up to 36% last year despite everyone’s Herculean effort at the price tag of $100 billion plus per year for the last 10 years at least ~we are in the battle mode whereas we need #WarOnObesity.

Why obesity rate for African American women is 56%, Hispanics women 46%? Is the low income populace disproportionately affected? Yes ~they don’t have access to healthy food as a typical American food is not healthy.

Despite of such hullabaloo about obesity or overweight prevalence, why 60% of adult US population does not know about BMI, the body mass index? Because the messaging style is not direct, hence not effective.

The global obesity report 2016 ~ What chance does the United States have to stop the rise of obesity by 2025? Zero, the study says. We don’t accept that.


3 Steps to #DisruptiveEating:


There are so many Whys. If these Whys bother you, you may agree that we need to disrupt the way we eat or drink, hence the Nirmal for Disruptive Eating. We rely on three things:

  1. Start eating ‘Whole grain’ – 40% Americans don’t eat whole grain at all and who eats is not even 15% of those recommended, see link below:

First thing first, white breads and white rice are not whole grain. But the bigger problem is we eat so much white breads that whole wheat breads are costlier than white breads. It should be 50% cheaper.

  1. You don’t need ‘Meat for Protein’ - Focus on plant proteins like lentils, Nutri-gget, tofu (both made from soyabean) and other legumes which has more or equal protein with much less fat at far less price. Lentils and other legumes are the cheapest source of protein combined with the dietary fiber.
  2. The world is not becoming vegetarian overnight - Focus on the Goat meat – healthier than even chicken and most sustainable meat. See link below:


Why Curry is at the center of #DisruptiveEating:


  • The Curry is a type of liquid seasoning made of at least one vegetable namely onion, tomato or spinach as the base and mixed with plethora of spices or seasonings (mainly turmeric, cumin, coriander) and water. Some curries do use dairy cream. Indian food is Curry based and uses 200 out of 381 seasoning ingredients known so far, the most by any cuisine.
  • The Curry is a liquid and hence we are forced to eat it with the whole grain, rice or bread as we can’t drink our lunch or dinner. The parboiled rice and whole wheat bread are the staple food items in Indian cuisine.
  • The Curry makes the food tastier. Please read the scientific explanation~

If you eat Cauliflower curry or Nutri-gget curry or Chicken curry, your taste buds won’t complain because they would enjoy the dominant taste of the spices or seasonings, not the main item.

  • Lentils and the Goat meat, 2 key items for our mission, are staple food items in Indian cuisine, India being 2nd largest producer of both. By the way Canada is the largest producer of lentils.
  • Because our stomach is limited and as we are eating more whole grain, we are eating less meat, hence avoiding the excess fat and saturated fats.

If someone agrees that eating more plant proteins, more whole grain, more vegetables, less and better meat are the ingredients of the healthy and affordable eating, go for Indian food. We make it that simple. 2 data points in support of our mission.

  1. The obesity rate for the Asians including Indians in the US is 12% as compared to 36% for the general population. Our food and eating style does play the main role as we Asians are not fitness freaks.
  2. India has 500 million vegetarians, 42% of its population and 65% of total vegetarians in the world. The credit goes to our ‘Curry’, period. The US has only 10% vegetarians and China has 5%.


Disruptive eating empowers us to change the world - How?


First, the health equality is the key to fight the income and educational inequality – 3 components of the social inequality. The obesity and overweight prevalence does impact the quality of life.

Second, if you #EatRight, you make #EatingHealthyCheaper for your community. The whole wheat breads are perfect example.

Third, 64% of the world agriculture land is used for animals’ feed, not sustainable. The less meat consumption is the way to go and the Curry makes vegetarian eating easier and tastier.

Fourth, eat more lentils, beans and goat meat and become part of fight against global hunger and poverty. Please read our blog post – Lentils and Goat could be the key to fight global hunger and poverty.

And at last but not the least.

If 100 million people in the US skip meat one day per week, total savings of meat would be whopping 3.6 billion pound a year. The meat consumption alone accounts for 21% of the greenhouse gases, more than that emitted by all modes of transportation from the aero-planes to the motor-bikes.

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