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Say No to Buffet

Buffet is a big nemesis for healthy eating. How?

  1. Buffet for Asian cuisine, Indian or Chinese, costs around $7 to $10 and has huge spread of the meat items, the veg items, the sides, the appetizers and the desserts.
  2. You want to try most of the things which look good. Normally for the non-buffet lunch or dinner we eat two or three items at the most.
  3. So you end up taking a lot of items. As you are not allowed to take foods home at the buffet and you don't want to leave food on the plate, you end up overeating.
  4. As you get so many items in $7 or $8, you are not going to order one entree in $9-$10 for the dinner or take-out at the Asian restaurants.
  5. So the next time you have craving for Asian cuisine, you turn up for buffet and end up overeating again. It is a vicious cycle, tough to break.
  6. As per our meticulous survey during the last 3 years, we found that only 3% buffet eaters turned up for the dinner or take-out.
  7. For Indian cuisine, if you are eating more meat or entrees and less curry as in the buffet, you are not getting the real benefits.

Some facts:

  1. In India, a lunch or dinner buffet costs $12 to $15. The minimum daily wages (8 hrs a day) in India is approx $4. So the buffet's cost is 3 times of the daily wages whereas in US, the buffet cost is approx 1 hr federal minimum wage that is $7.35. In nutshell, the buffet price in India is 24 times of the buffet price in US if you compare in relation to the prevailing hourly wages.
  2. So in India only 2% restaurants that too at the high end have buffet, not at the medium or low end restaurants. In US, 95% of Indian restaurants have buffet.
  3. In China, the same rule applies. 2 biggest food chains for Chinese food here in US namely Panda Express and P F Chang do not have any kind of buffet.
  4. Buffets Inc, the biggest buffet restaurant chain in US, filed for the bankruptcy twice since 2009.

We replaced the buffet with $5 food box so as to make introduction to Indian cuisine much cheaper. Also we change the entrees for the food box daily and inform the patrons through Facebook, Twitter or website. Most common refrain from our patrons about the buffet was either they overeat or throw away food as you are not allowed to take out the buffet food. And rightly so as the food wastage in US alone costs $165 Billion, 40% by the customers and the rest by the restaurants, the grocers etc. Please pause and think ~ is buffet good for healthy eating? Also how the restaurants here manage to do it at such low price? Or is it commercially viable as in the case of Buffets Inc?