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Our Story


Our Co-Founder Priya R Dass started his food journey in 2009 after his MBA at Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, with the express goal of making the first ever Indian food chain in the world like Panda Express or Chipotle. After 5 years of trials and tribulations, he developed the concept of ‘disruptive eating’ which we practice and promote at Nirmal cafe so as to combine our mission and the goal. The packaged ‘HPPed Curry’ has potential to make Indian food accessible and affordable to all.


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Our Inspiration


Mr and Mrs Jack and Annette Aronson of Garden Fresh Salsa fame based in Ferndale, MI. Priya does not have to travel far to get an inspiration and a critical clue to our mission and goal-HPP.We are grateful for guidance and support of MSU Product Center, Foodlab Detroit and MDARD.



Our mission and food



Appendix 1 ~ the problem of obesity or overweight

Appendix 2 ~ the CDC in the US

Appendix 3 ~ the benefits of Spices

Appendix 4 ~ Alkaline vs Acidic food

Appendix 5 ~ Why Water foot-prints of food

Appendix 6 ~ Rice and Bread ~ 2 staple items

Appendix 7 ~ Paneer, the Indian Cheese

Appendix 8 ~ Why Goat Meat

Appendix 9 ~ the Lentils

Appendix 10 ~ Coconut milk Vs Dairy Milk

Appendix 11 ~ 500 millions Vegetarians in India

Appendix 12 ~ Meat Vs Environment

Appendix 13 ~ Know Your BMI

Appendix 14 ~ Say ‘NO’ to Buffet